Saturday, May 19, 2012

Ups and Downs

It's been a bit of an up and down week - the significant down being the loss of Dax yesterday, but the boys have been keeping us well entertained, pants on head notwithstanding!

There was drama and controversy at the swimming pool on Tuesday - there was a poo in the pool! Cue the inevitable tutting and shaking of heads of the mums in Zachary's lesson group at the nameless mum who let her child poo in the pool during the lunchtime public swim. Zachary was very excited and kept trying to see if he could see it - nice. I consider myself very fortunate that neither Zachary nor Leo have yet pooed in the pool, or even in the bath, thank goodness (other parents we know have had this issue - it's not something you can really do anything about, but thankfully the boys have never been inclined to do it).

After a slow start, the bird table is going brilliantly now. We're getting lots of visitors each day including blue tits (who have nested and produced babies in the bird box on the shed) and this week greenfinches were spotted. Fab.

Leo has shown that he's absolutely no good at trash talk - we were playing a game and he kept shouting at Leigh "you're going to beat me!" Hmmm, not quite sure that's the right way round! When he did finally get it, for some reason he would just whisper it at Leigh...lost a little of the effect!

And then finally I visited a local farm with Leo this week. Bearing in mind that Leo seemed to use the word 'chicken' to describe any bird he didn't know - you might be able to guess what he had seen when he said 'look, that chicken is on that blue chicken.' Yep, 2 budgies having a bit of how's your father! Classy.

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