Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bedtime Shenanigans

My 2 boys share a bedroom, which has its ups and downs (for example Leo emptying the entirety of their bookcase onto the floor...). To be honest, I quite like the fact that they share at the moment and they (mostly) enjoy playing with and talking to each other before they go to sleep, although as they get older we'll probably have to move to 2 rooms.

Just lately we have been watching some Marvel superhero cartoons with them just before bed so we can often hear them shouting that one of them is (for example) Gambit, and the other Wolverine! We have also on occasion found them both in the same bed, very sweet - although to their faces this is frowned upon, and just now I have been in to check on them. Both had pairs of pants on their heads. What on earth??!!!!

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