Tuesday, May 01, 2012

It's that time of year again!

It's nearly time for Cake Break!

This is an annual event organised by the Multiple Sclerosis Society to raise funds - this year the 'official' day is Friday May 4th. The idea is to get together with friends over tea and cake and donate to the charity. I ran one a couple of years ago at home and it went really well, but I missed last year's.

I've decided to try again this year (mainly because I love making cakes!) but have realised that most of the people who came last time have either gone back to work after children, or have moved away. So a Friday would not be good from a 'getting people round to my house' point of view and similarly, people usually have plans at the weekend. So this year I've asked my brother-in-law, who runs Caralot in Spondon if I can basically set up my stall on their site and try to interest people looking at cars (and of course the many, many staff members) in making donations for cake.

Jamie's been enthusiastic about it (so much so I think he just wants me to drop off cakes and he'll do the rest!) and I've started the baking marathon today - I was saying to Leigh though that the trouble this time is that there are so many cakes I like baking, it's difficult to choose! I'm making a batch of popcakes (as I had some bags and sticks left over from a previous batch!), and made the base cake for those today. I've also made 2 batches of flapjack (one for home, one for Friday), and have 2 cakes and the making of the popcake balls on my list for tomorrow. I'm only slightly concerned about having enough time...but seriously, whatever I manage to make, hopefully I'll be able to raise some money!

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