Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Treasure Trails

We discovered a series called Treasure Trails when we last visited a local museum. Essentially they're fairly simple trails around towns and places, giving you opportunities to explore them while solving clues relating to buildings and local sights. Leigh bought me a murder mystery themed trail for Christmas, based around Loughborough. As this is a place we haven't been to before we thought it'd be a good outing for Bank Holiday Monday.

After managing to find a car park (they weren't very well signposted) and negotiating the trampolines and fair rides set up in the market square, we had a good half hour or so following the trail. It was great and gave us a chance to look at things in Loughborough we might otherwise not have seen - and we also discovered an interesting looking shopping lane called Church Gate. Most places were shut as it was Bank Holiday but we'll more than likely go back. I don't think I can really pinpoint what I thought Loughborough would be like, but I liked it more than I thought I would - it reminded me a little of Ipswich.

We didn't finish the trail though - the boys got a little bored and it was freezing! But we shall be back...

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