Friday, May 04, 2012

The planets must be in alignment or something

The apocalypse has occurred three times this week! Yes, three.

On Wednesday I took the boys to a local farm in the afternoon to eat ice-cream, use the trampoline in the play area and feed the animals. The play area was shut. Disaster....end of the world-type disaster for Zachary! And then to top it all off, a chicken flapped at him and Leo - more crying and 2 very muddy boys to take back to the car! Please note, no chickens or children were harmed in this blog entry.

On Thursday Zachary asked to have his face painted half an hour before dinner. I said no, but I would paint his feet (also part of the original request I would hasten to add!) and thus brought about the second ending of the world in 2 days.

Today, Leo took one of Zachary's books off the bookshelf. Zachary then decided he wanted to read it and although I suggested we all read it together on the sofa, when Leo refused to let Zachary hold the book, the world ended once more.

Surprisingly our post-apocalyptic world seems vaguely familiar to the old one...

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