Sunday, April 14, 2013

Microwave meringues

I saw this recipe on the Pink Whisk and tried it out while I was waiting for pastry to chill for the banoffi pie cupcakes. Basically you mix an egg white with 300g icing sugar to make a sticky dough, then put a walnut sized ball into a silicone cupcake case, 3 cases on a plate and microwave for a minute and a half.  If you read the recipe on the website, you'll see that timings etc with microwaves can vary a lot so experimenting is best.

My first effort - not as neat as those on the Pink Whisk but I thought they looked okay

The second batch burnt in the microwave!

Hmmmm. But having seen how they still looked almost normal on top - I lifted up the first batch. Oh dear

So I reduced the baking time to 1 minute for the last batch (and also tried the rippled version) and they came out much better. Not amazing taste-wise, but quick and fun and would be great if you're just going to crumble the meringue up for a pudding or cake.

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