Thursday, April 11, 2013


It's the Easter holidays and Leigh and I both have this week off work. We took the boys to the Lego Discovery Centre at the Trafford Centre yesterday (which was fab by the way!) and today I had wanted to go to the National Forest Adventure Farm. But, the weather has not been great, a lot of the good stuff looked to be outside, and the farm is fairly expensive. I was worried we would go and not enjoy it because of the weather and then feel it was a waste of time and cash. So after a bit (ahem. A lot) of indecision, we decided to leave the farm until the weather gets better and we went to Conkers instead.

We went to Conkers a few years ago when I was pregnant with Leo, and really enjoyed it. Despite the cool weather it was great this time too. We started off inside and the boys ran amok in the Enchanted Forest play area - oh and Zachary lost a shoe. He claims that an older boy took it off his foot as he was climbing down a rope section, but we could not find it anywhere! Fortunately we keep a pair of wellies for the boys permanently in the car - much relief, but a trip to Clarks tomorrow now!

We also followed the Easter egg trail, walked the Barefoot Walk (which was very interesting but the water sections were far too cold today - will be very much better in the summer!) and got lost in the fairy labyrinth. And there was much more that we didn't do.

Despite the inauspicious start with the shoe, we've bought an annual pass to make us go and appreciate it more over the summer.

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