Monday, April 08, 2013

Cooking with Hugo

About a year ago, a couple of Mums in Long Eaton started up Cooking with Hugo and it is brilliant! It is a cooking session for 2-4 year olds (plus parents!) and if you've seen CBeebies 'I Can Cook,' it essentially follows a similar kind of pattern but in real time. I would highly recommend it and I've been to it several times with both the boys - the only drawback now being that the weekly session is on a day when I am at work. But there was a special Easter session last Friday and I made sure I booked the boys in.

So the format of the session goes something like this - we all meet in the kitchen to find out what we're baking that day. Hugo (the friendly dinosaur) comes in, shows us what he has bought this week for ingredients and we try to guess what we're making. The children then have their own individual work station which has previously been set up with the ingredients and equipment they need for their baking. And then we get baking! Once the mixing etc has been done, the things are baked while the children have a snack and drink (the snack is usually something a bit different made by the ladies who run the class - we've had white chocolate strawberry mice in the past!) and a game if there's time, and then we review what we've done and the children can take their masterpieces home.

It must involve a huge amount of work for Teresa and Louise who run the sessions as it's now incredibly popular, and rightly so. My boys love it - the baking is at just the right level for the children and of course the parents are on hand to lend a hand. The Easter special bake was simnel cakes...'s Zachary's (note the double layer of marzipan on the 'chick' cake of which he was very rproud and laid claim to the instant they were made!)

...and Leo's

And the children made their own snack this time too - marshmallow bunnies! The photo of Leo's didn't come out properly, but here's Zachary's bunny

He only just lasted the length of time it took me to take the photo!

Why didn't I come up with this idea????!

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