Saturday, April 20, 2013

Bluebird Mobile

Another project from my Crafty Creatives boxes. This month's theme is 'blue' and the kit is for a bluebird mobile. Here are the ingredients -

and the finished product

and a close up of the birds

I had a bit of a 'cross stitching angel' moment half-way through the making of the birds - for me this is a moment where I realise I've made a mistake and have to decide whether or not I can face the prospect of unpicking work to redo it. In this case I had sewn 2 wings on the wrong side of the birds and it was an easy fix. I'm not sure if I've mentioned the angel case which started all this - if I have then look away now, the blog is finished for you!

If not, then this goes back a long time to when I was first cross stitching. I completed a big project "To Guard you Through the Night" and then wanted to complete its sister "To Guard you Through the Day." I stitched the angel and then began the border, which to be frank was a bit of a nightmare as it had endless French knots in it which I came to particularly loathe! About half-way through the border, I realised that I had miscalculated and there was a very real danger that it would not go over the angel's head. After some swift counting, I realised it would just about fit, but faced the dilemma of whether to unpick a very large amount of what I had already done, or brazen it out. I took the lazy way, and as a result am forever slightly unsatisfied with the project because I know in my heart of hearts I should have unpicked. This haunts me even now and if I'm faced with the same issue, I always unpick!!!

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