Tuesday, June 22, 2010


The roofing work is still progressing and the builder's told us he hopes to be finished by the weekend - hurrah. Then we can organise getting one wall of our bedroom replastered (there's a large damp, mouldy patch from when we had the slipped tiles, which has caused the plaster to crack...and the last occupants put up the curtain rails very badly, so we have an excuse to get all their holes filled in properly!), and finally decorating the bugger. Must get on with curtains...

The builder's asked us to pay half the bill in cash, which is a not inconsiderable amount - certainly more than the £10 I used to withdraw at a time for spending! Went to the bank to sort this out today - when I gave the amount I needed, the cashier looked slightly uneasy and asked why I needed it. Was suddenly seized by the urge to tell her I was leaving my husband and needed the cash to run away with just to see what her reaction would be. Sadly I'm too sensible for such things in reality!

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