Sunday, June 20, 2010

The christening of Isabelle Pinhorn

Lovely christening of our friends' little girl today. The service all went very well, everyone looked brilliant and the lunch was great. Zachary is really starting to get to know our friends well, and be comfortable playing with them without us which is great to see. He had a lot of fun playing the hand game, and 'extreme' row, row, row your boat!

Zachary and Leo were pretty much penned in in the middle of a pew with us and both of them were really well behaved and managed the entire hour and a bit of service without a meltdown. Zachary was hilarious and had me in stitches by the end of the service - some of the ways he found to amuse himself - taking out my hairclips, standing on my lap shouting at some friends sitting a few rows back from us, doing his Sportacus moves on Leigh's lap (yes, in the pew!), bundling onto my lap for a group hug with me and Leo while shouting 'Daddy join in,' and finally during the last hymn while I was carrying him, pointing forcefully to the front of the church and shouting 'stop!' Funny.

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