Monday, June 07, 2010

It felt a bit like the fox, chicken and grain riddle

I took the boys to Attenborough Nature Reserve this afternoon to feed the ducks. After nearly being mauled by some slightly over-agressive geese we had a drink in the cafe. They've got a little balcony area there which Zachary took his drink out to and sat having a little picnic looking out over the water at the ducks. It really was very sweet.

But then I needed to change Leo. After waiting about five minutes for a man to leave the disabled/baby change toilet (whom I noticed seemed to be neither disabled nor changing a baby - although granted I could be wrong about the first) we descended en masse. So I have Leo up on the changing table, Zachary is messing about in the sink and letting the tap run. I turn it off telling him it's a waste of water and stand with one hand on Leo and one hand keeping the tap turned off. After a small amount of screaming, Zachary moved away from the sink. I turn back to Leo, then see Zachary race ( much as he could in the toilet!) across the room dragging the toilet roll with him. As I clear this up, he goes back to the sink. Turn the tap off, he's back with the toilet roll. Clear up toilet roll, back to the sink...meanwhile what do I do with Leo? It really felt like one of those logic puzzles where everything would slot into place if I got the combination of actions right!!

Answer : should have taken the double buggy!

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