Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Leo - sock monster

I was playing on the floor with the boys yesterday. Leo had already removed one of his own socks, when he launched himself at one of Zachary's. Zachary, not happy with this, removed his own sock and hid it behind his back. Leo launches himself at the other foot, which still has a sock on it. So Zachary again removes sock and hides it! Leo launches himself at my sock. There is no stopping him! Mind you, Zachary got his own back later on when he woke Leo up in bed with a very loud rendition of 'Old Donald.' We heard Leo cry over the monitor and then Zachary announced 'Leo crying' very loudly!

On the whole though, the boys are sharing well in the bedroom. We moved Leo in last weekend so they've had nearly a week together. We've had to change the bedtime routine a bit - before moving rooms, Leo had not yet mastered the art of putting himself to sleep at night (ably abetted by us of course, as we've been happily rocking him to sleep for 6 months!). So we combined Leo going into Zachary's room with an attempt at some controlled crying to try and get him to learn to go to sleep on his own. Maybe not the wisest thing to try! But it isn't going too badly - Zachary now comes downstairs for his bedtime story/ies while Leo goes to sleep upstairs and then Z joins him about 20 minutes later. We had about 25 minutes crying the first couple of nights, then a couple of night of about 5 minutes and tonight no crying at all. Which is brilliant. Leo was very tired today though so whether tonight's feat will be repeated is anyone's guess, but I'm happy that it's happened once at least! We found with Zachary (although he was a couple of months older) that the controlled crying worked pretty quickly with him which was surprising. You think you're going to have horrendous nights like the first one for weeks, but then it sorts itself out and they get the hang of the new routine. Fingers crossed for tomorrow.

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