Saturday, June 12, 2010

Es Santan Markisa

Leigh chose my first recipe randomly from the Puding book. This translates as 'coconut passion fruit ice' which sounds good for the summer. Using Google translate however, the recipe comes out as :

Indonesian :
Coconut passion fruit ice

4 fruit - ripe passion fruit
1 liter - coconut milk from a half point kelpa
250 grams - sugar
100 ml - water
2 tablespoons of the tomb - lime juice
1 fruit - coconut, fruit dredger
mandarin oranges for garnish
digepuk ice cubes

1. Halve the passion fruit. Take adging fruit, set aside
2. Cook until boiling coconut milk (coconut milk should not be broken jaja). Remove, let cool
3. Cook sugar and water until boiling. Lift then filter. Tam even lime juice. Set aside
4. How to serve: to prepare three or four glasses of fruit-food. Each glass is filled with: sugar aroma of lime, passion fruit, tangerine ice, coconut and coconut milk cooked. Garnished with passion fruit and mandarin oranges. Serve.

Okay, so some of it seems clear and some I can work out, but some of it clearly hasn't translated properly - it's the sort of thing for which you need someone who can speak the language and put things into context. Am still tempted to have a try...although as Leigh pointed out 1 litre of coconut milk is a lot to waste if it all goes hideously wrong! Will have to think on it...


Niles said...

You could easily reduce the quantities by a quarter for a trial... do you know what you're aiming for? Is it ice like icecream or some kinda sweet?

Kathryn said...

There are no pictures in the book! I imagined it as some kind of granita style thing with coconut milk mixed in, but ice cream would make much more sense!!

Indonesia Eats said...

Hi there,

I speak Indonesian. As I read through the recipe, I was giggling a bit. It seems google transte doesn't translate properly such as kelpa and
digepuk. It is supposed to be kelapa which mean coconut.
Digepuk is not a formal Indonesian word, so google doesn't do the job right. Digepuk ice cubes = crushed ice cubes.

I'm wondering what pudding book you have here.

The beverages will be looked like this

But the difference is the picture above has mixed with shredded cantaloupe.

The colour is closed to coconut milk colour.