Friday, June 21, 2013

New chef on the block

I think I have blogged about Cooking with Hugo before, but I can't be bothered to find the link now so I'll explain again! It's a cookery class designed for 2-4 year olds and run by 2 mums in Long Eaton and it is fab! They used to just run sessions on a Tuesday, which became impossible for me to attend with Leo once I went back to work and I was very disappointed. But for the month of June they have been running Friday classes as well and I have been taking Leo.

Teresa and Louise set the room up for the children - we start with a song, say hello to Hugo the dinosaur (who's a cheeky scamp and usually hiding or napping!) and then see what we're making and the ingredients. It's all designed so that the children can more or less do everything themselves and the dish can be prepared and baked all within the hour session. Teresa and Louise do a fab job measuring out all the ingredients so it's just a case of tipping things into the bowl and mixing, or rolling or sprinkling. And they provide a snack and drink while the dish is being cooked and another fun activity - we had play dough last week and made nature weavings this week.

So here are some pics of Leo - there are also some on their Facebook page. There is a website but there's not much on there.

Leo making his rhubarb cookies last week

... potato, pea and pesto tart this week 

And with his nature weaving - super dude!

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