Sunday, June 09, 2013

Gill and Steve

Zachary, Leo and I gate-crashed an afternoon soiree on Saturday! Well, I'm making it sound a bit more glam that it was, but we did arrived un-ticketed.

On our way home from shopping we passed (in the car) a house with bunting outside, and I could see through a gate people standing behind a table in front of a garage. 'Ooooo yard sale' I thought, and as it wasn't too far away, took the boys on their scooters a bit later to check it out. It turned out to be "Gill's Spring Fund-Raiser 2013" in aid of the Canaan Trust, a local homelessness charity. There was afternoon tea complete with scones, a garden full of tables and chairs, a raffle and a cake stall. Lovely - just my kind of thing.

So we bought cakes, sat down to have them and I left to get tea, and then the faux pas just kept on coming. I bamboozled the girl serving tea by declaring I didn't have a ticket and she looked very confused as to pricing arrangements. But it was all right - a man I assume was Steve flew in and saved the day by charging me the £4 ticket fee.

The raffle man asked us 'so you know Gill and Steve then?' and slightly flustered I had to admit we didn't and had just walked in off the street (really starting to wonder whether this was a good idea!). He was very nice though and pleased we had come.

Leo kept showing his tummy to the cake stall ladies.

Zachary ate the chocolate muffin and then loudly declared in respect of the frosting 'I've finished - I don't like the slimy bit on the cake.'

We left shortly after. Haven't heard yet about the raffle...Zachary spent the whole afternoon though asking when it was going to be drawn. He's still waiting for a phone call!!!

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