Friday, June 07, 2013

Coconut Jammy Thumbprints

Leigh bought me a new baking book this week - "Biscuit" by Miranda Gore-Browne, another lovely lady from the Great British Bake-Off. She baked some lovely biscuits her year and iced them beautifully.

Anyway, we're having a bash at working through the book because the pictures just look soooo delicious. Leigh tried the chocolate biscuits with a Rolo in the middle with the boys, and Leo and I tried the coconut jammy thumbprints today. Well, I tried them - Leo helped weigh out ingredients and by the time we got to the bit that's supposed to be great for children (putting a thumbprint in the dough), he'd moved on to a Chupa Chups lolly which made his tongue go black (deliberately I hasten to add!)!

But the biscuits were lovely and straightforward, although I think I underbaked slightly. The biscuits are slightly chewy and I think they're supposed to be a bit more crisp. Hey ho. Still very yummy though!

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