Saturday, June 22, 2013

Bag of tricks

My handbag was feeling a bit heavy today so I thought I'd have a clear out. Blimey it's been a while. When I'm out and about with the boys I tend to gather things in my bag - the various bits of detritus they leave the house with and then have nowhere to put it...stuff collected in other I though for the delight and entertainment of you dear reader, I'd have a clear out tonight.

Here is my bag (although I hasten to add I do have a proper handbag for work - this is my weekend bag...)

and here is what I poured out of it (along with an inordinate amount of sand....)

which consisted of -

  • First aid kit
  • Purse
  • Mobile phone
  • Baby wipes - new pack, I suspect most of the additional weight lies at this door!
  • Umbrella
  • Dvds for posting
  • Another purse – full of shoppng cards
  • 2 lots of pirate bubbles - I think from a party about 6 weeks ago
  • 2 blue inhalers - Leigh!
  • Toy golf ball - ?????
  • Yellow plastic scissors - from the front of a craft magazine one of the boys had last month
  • Small tub Vaseline
  • 14 pens and pencils - ooooops!
  • Gullivers theme parks blue wristband
  • Black eye pencil - used to create pirate scars and facial hair for the party mentioned above!
  • Pink hair band - mine
  • Paracetomol - of course!
  • Ladybird mobile phone
  • Toy story phone with magic screen - another jot from the front of a magazine
  • Small white wolf - thank you Kinder eggs
  • Small plastic bag with safety pins in - my brain can almost remember why these are in my bag but the information is proving ridiculously elusive
  • 12p
  • Used battery - we seem to get through a surprisingly large number of batteries what with Wii remote controllers, Tag readers and the like. I tend to just sling them in my bag and then attempt retrieval on the weekly trip to Asda!
  • D20 with a d12 inside - one of Zachary's

It's much lighter on refill!

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