Monday, August 08, 2011

Nottingham in Bloom

I was in Nottingham yesterday having coffee and cakes (at the lovely Divine Coffee House - yes there's a link although the website is on its way, I think there's been a recent change of ownership) with a friend who has a birthday today and spotted a couple of lovely willow sculptures with flower arrangements in the city.

I got home meaning to have a look on the net to see whether there was anything there about them and promptly forgot. However, this evening I have finally got round to tidying my desk (which was a pit) and found a leaflet describing a trail of 8 floral sculptures round Nottingham. They have been designed and created by Topiary Art Design and form part of Nottingham's entry into the East Midlands in Bloom campaign. They'll be in place until September. Clearly I picked it up thinking it might be interesting to look at with the boys - just need to find the others now!

I saw -

Dress - Victoria Street, on the edge of the Lace Market. The dress is apparently "floating in a bed of baby pinks and silvers, Ricinus, Cosmos, Begonia and Verbena."

Shoe - Bridlesmith Gate. The shoe is "hot and sexy with Begonia, Panorama Scarlet." (!)

As an aside, I had to upload these photos from my phone - what a palava! Seriously, I had trouble getting the back off my phone to get the SD card out (not an easy task unless I happen to have one of the boys around to drop my phone on the kitchen floor when magically the back springs open!),, fit the micro SD card into an adaptor, get it into the laptop only to realise the pictures are saved on my phone memory and not the card! Reverse all steps to this point, find out when on earth in my phone menus I can transfer files to my SD card (File Managed, unsurprisingly!), repeat all initial steps, then navigate the crap on my SD card to find the pictures! I really must spend some time one day just sorting out what I have on my phone, getting everything onto the SD and into some kind of order, and then transferring it all to the laptop for safe keeping. Like that's going to happen!!! Still I can dream...

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