Tuesday, August 30, 2011

2 gripes

First - today we went somewhere new, following directions printed from an appropriate internet vehicle! However when following the directions, there is no distinction between the terms they use meaning "turn at a junction," and "continue to follow the road as it bends." The directions just use "turn left" or "turn right," which lead to some confusion on my part as navigator when we reached a series of turns into roads that did not have names or numbers. How do I know when the directions mean wait til the next junction and then "turn left," or "that last bend in the road was the turn left." Aaaargh!

Second - opened a new bottle of clothes washing liquid this evening. On the back is a helpful grid showing how much liquid should be used depending on how soiled the clothes are and whether you have hard or soft water. Note - all the measurements were in divisions of 25ml - so, 50ml, 100ml, 125ml. And what's the volume of the cap in which you can measure out the liquid? 35ml. How is that in any way helpful?!!!!!!!

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