Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Train nut

When Zachary was small, we bought him a wooden train set, and then thanks to generous relatives (most notably Uncle Jamie), the set has grown and we now have quite a few bits and pieces for it - trains, track and lots of buildings, people and animals. Zachary however has never really been the sort of boy who sits and plays with trains or cars for a long time. Don't get me wrong, he loves the train set and when we get it out will play with it, but only for a short while.

Leo is a different story and seems much more keen on pushing cars and trains around with accompanying noises! So we got the set out a couple of days ago, and with the help of both my boys, we built the longest track we could!! It stretched the entire length of our front room. Marvellous.

But we had no way for the train to be turned round at the end of the track, other than picking it up and turning it ourselves. That got me thinking it might be nice to get a turntable. For Leo to use with the track. Of course.

So yesterday, I headed out for a walk with Leo and we made it to the wooden toy shop round the corner, where conveniently I wanted to buy a birthday present for one of Zachary's friends. The toy shop stocks a lot of parts and accessories for wooden train sets... As we were there, my eye just happened to spot a 4-way turntable, not too expensive, and also a couple of splitter tracks in a packet. Hmmmm.

So, those bought, came home with Leo and built mega-track! It was brilliant, and Leo had a good time. Which is of course why I bought the pieces. Not for me to play with at all. Honest!

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