Friday, June 24, 2011

The internet isn't always cheaper

I've made a list of 'house' bits and pieces (mainly fripperies it has to be said, like replacing missing door handles and sorting out the hole in the pantry door!) which I'd like to get sorted over the summer. One of which was to get some canvas prints made of 2 or 3 photos from our garden to hang in a lovely big blank space in the kitchen. Did a bit of flapping on the internet and it appeared that for a 12" x 12" canvas, most internet places (including the supermarkets) were charging around £30. And then postage. So I was going to put it on the backburner, but there's a chap who advertised in our local Post Office that he would put photos onto canvas and the examples up in the PO looked all right.

Rang him - £18. Yes, £18. Ordered them. Delivered today and they look great. Now to hang them...fortunately Leigh has offered to do this!

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