Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Chocolate Cake

I came across this post by Wartime Housewife and thought I just need an excuse to have a try. My Dad's birthday this week seemed ideal! So cake made this afternoon - I was very good and followed the recipe to the letter, right down to the rubbing in. It seems to have come out a bit overcooked at the edges but I'm hoping that when we sample it tomorrow, the middle will be okay.

I used the mock cream she suggests to fill it and then had a go at icing 'happy birthday' on the top. Hmmm, maybe a candidate for Cake Wrecks??? Anyway, good news is, I'm booked on to a half day's course in cupcake decorating in a couple of weeks so hopefully things should get better!

Also on the subject of my Dad's birthday - got the apron done at a local printers (their price plus the price of an apron from eBay was in total half what I would have paid ordering the whole thing on the internet) and it looks great.

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