Saturday, June 25, 2011

Homemade toffee sauce

We have a meeting of Pudding Club on Tuesday with 2 extras. In a change to the norm, we're providing the dessert and I'm hoping to produce a Baked Alaska - Rachel Allen's recipe suggests that this might need to be practised a couple of times, but I'm not wasting a litre of ice-cream for each practise/horrible ice-cream mess in the oven! Leigh's assured me that as long as the meringue covers all the ice-cream, I'll be fine.

Anyhoo, to accompany this, I thought I might make a toffee sauce. Our usual go-to recipe is one of Nigella's, but I came across this one recently and it looked worth a try. Partly because it looked dead easy and partly because it would mean I don't have to go and buy any cream. Hee hee. I tried it this evening and it was a good job I did.

Attempt 1 went in the microwave, timer set for 4 minutes. After 3 and a half minutes I realised that what I thought was steam gently rising from the remains of the roast chicken we'd had for dinner and which was standing by the microwave, was in fact acrid smoke billowing from the microwave resulting from boiling, burning sauce. I think our microwave must be more powerful than Wartime Housewife's but there's no indication in the recipe. Lingering smell from burnt sauce.

I was ready to give up but Leigh persuaded me to have another go and it went better this time. I checked the sauce every 30 seconds and after about 2 and a half minutes it seemed done. Tasted okay and the boys certainly liked it! On reflection though I probably should use unsalted butter next time and it could have done with maybe a few more seconds. It may have been easier to just do it in a saucepan after all. Going to go with Nigella for the dinner. Safer. And nicer!

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