Saturday, June 04, 2011

Baking eggstravaganza!

Prompted by the arrival of some clotted cream through the post (a holiday present from my Dad), and the discovery that we have 16 eggs waiting to be eaten (the hens have been very busy!) it was time for a bit of a bake today.

Started off with some devonshire scones curtesy of Mary Berry - delicious with the clotted cream, and using 2 eggs. We were hoping to have them with some of Leigh's freshly made apple and strawberry jam, but it wasn't quite ready.

Unfortunately, our fridge is far too good and the clotted cream was unspreadable!!!

Then I got the big guns out - Rachel Allen's ham and egg pie. 1 egg in the pastry, 6 in the filling (2 beaten with the cream and ham, 4 resting on top).

Finally, I made Nigella's chicken and bacon pies for dinner - 1 final egg for glazing the pastry top. 10 down, 6 to go and more eggspected tomorrow (hee hee!). More cakes anyone?

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