Monday, April 25, 2011

POP Cakes The Third

So, day 3 and we now decorate the chocolate cakey balls of yumminess. The recipe uses candy melts (which I managed to get from Hobbycraft) for the coating of the cakes. I wondered why they didn't just use chocolate, but I think the melts are a bit cheaper, they come in lots of different colours and seem to behave better than chocolate - they melt more smoothly, and dry out quicker. So, melt the candy melts, then dip about 1cm of the lollipop stick you're using into the liquid and push it into one of the cake balls. Then using the stick, dip the ball into the melted candy until it's covered, using a spoon to help.

Gently shake off any excess, then stand the lollipop while you decorate it. I used playdough and polystyrene to support the lollipops - both worked reasonably well.

Leave to dry and then store. The recipe suggests that they will last about 2 days normally, or about a week in the fridge, but if they're in the fridge, they need to be covered. I bought some candy bags and ties in the same pack as my lollipop sticks. Hurrah!

Here's my handy helper!

and my 'decorating station'.

I think next time, I need to try and get my balls a more even and smooth shape, possibly heat the candy melts a bit more as towards the end it was not covering as evenly as at the start, and invest in some posher decorations. Leigh has suggesting crystallising flowers - nice!

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