Saturday, April 30, 2011

Garden 2011

The weather's picked up over the last couple of weeks (mostly!) so there's been a flurry of activity in the garden - mostly from Leigh. He's been tidying, mowing, edging and weeding and doing lots of sowing again. Hopefully we should see lots of fruit and veg this year and Zachary has been planting lots of sunflower seeds, so we have those to look forward to as well.

Of the more established plants, our magnolia has flowered for the first time this year - we've had it about 3/4 years

And the wisteria we planted 2 years ago is also flowering for the first time

the clematis is blooming well

and Leigh's new fruit trees are blossoming so hopefully we'll get some fruit from those too.

The garden is looking fab. We had the chickens running over the whole garden last year, which led to decimation of the lawn, no blueberries and lots of bulbs being dug up. However, we've shut them into the bottom third of the garden this year so hopefully, things can grow a bit more freely, and the boys will have a safer time in the garden. Here's to a good summer!

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