Saturday, June 07, 2008

Weekend again!

It's been a busy week really this week.

Travelled to Somersham last weekend to see my family and had a great time as always. My aunt is renowned in the family for preparing huge meals when we all turn up there and for always having lots of sweets and Maltesers on hand for afternoon snacking (although usually we're far too stuffed to manage any...oh, go on then I'll just have the one..!). There came a point on Saturday when - horror of horrors - it looked as though no Maltesers were going to appear. A well placed question to my aunt from Lily and lo, the Maltesers did appear!

Mother and baby group on Monday which Z slept and fed through most of! Also started an Infant Massage course on Thursday which was great. The principles of Infant Massage were put together by a woman called Vimala McClure following her visits to India. It appears that this one set of principles are used throughout the world! We worked on massaging legs this week and will slowly build up to arms, tummy, etc over the following weeks.

Went to a workshoppy thing on Friday called Sounds, Noises, Words which is for children 0-2. It appeared that most of the other mums there knew each other from another mother and baby group, but fortunately I wasn't the only stranger. Typically, Z wanted to eat as soon as we got there, so we missed out on some of the action nursery rhymes, but joined in with the later stuff and I got a cup of tea! A large section in the middle of the session was taken up with painting animal masks to go with songs about those animals. A great idea, but not really practical for us to join in with - would have been easier if Z was able to sit up on his own, but he's not really old enough yet to enjoy painting. Mind you, if what I saw from the other children is a sign of what we have to expect when he starts painting then oh my goodness what a mess. Watched one child carefully paint his hand grey and then proceed to lick it all off!

We did make a shaker though - was going great guns until Z needed to burp - popped him over my shoulder and the burp was accompanied by a small amount of sick which all somehow managed to land on another mum's embarassed!!

Saw the Nurse Practitioner about Z's cradle cap on Friday - suggested by the health visitor. The NP didn't seem too bothered about it though and certainly although it's really noticeable, it doesn't seem to cause Z any discomfort or irritation. The worst it does is encourage his father (a lifelong picker of scabs) to have a good pick at it when Z's asleep on his lap! We've got some coconut oil to try now (the other recommended treatments all use anti-fungal treatments and she didn't think it really needed that) and the scale does seem to be coming away...with his hair. Poor lad.

We're also seeing more development from Z this week - he started the week having a go at batting some of the stuff dangling from his mat and has now progressed to actually trying to grab things - and succeeding mostly! L tied one of his toys to the side of his cot last night so he had something to grab at rather than just banging his hand against the bars. This all very well, except the toy is a butterfly with crinkly wings. Guess what we were listening to at 7 this morning!

This post has gone on for far too long - the only other thing to report is a viewing of the house yesterday. Had a call from the agent at 4.45 asking if the viewers could come round straight away! House a complete tip so managed to put it off for 45 mins so we could race round and tidy up. The viewing seemed to go well, but there are other 3-bed houses on the market for less than us. Hopefully the condition of the house will be a bonus as we have already got double glazing etc so we'll just have to wait and see. Whatever happens though, all my weekend cleaning has now been done! Hurrah!

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