Friday, June 20, 2008


I am in unchartered water - this may sound ridiculous but I want to make friends with some of the mums at the infant massage group I go to but have no idea what to do next! I've not had to really make friends with anyone since university - it's going to sound a bit soppy, but L and my sister are my best friends and I haven't really had to make the effort much recently. Of course there are people I get on well with at work and at orchestra and things, but not so much that I necessarily want to form deeper friendships with them. Typing that sounds really harsh, but there it is!

But now I have Z it would be nice to get to know some other mums better so that I know people I could (for example) go for a coffee in town with, or visit with Z. So there are some great people at my infant massage class - we chat there and this week we all went on to the breastfeeding support group together and chatted more. Should I ask them if they want to go for a coffee in town one week? Or is that too much? I certainly don't want them to feel uncomfortable...perhaps I'll wait until the last week so if they think 'urgh no way,' at least they don't have to see me again there! It almost feels like I'm working up to asking someone out on a date! Is that really odd?


Niles said...

Ask 'em! You'll be needing play dates soon enough!

Niles said...

But I do know what you mean about starting new friendships later in life. Our new neighbours - moved in a year ago or so - and every time I talk to one of them in the street, I think "they seem like nice people, must make an effort to get to know them better." Somehow, never quite manage to get around to it.