Sunday, June 29, 2008

Church with Zachary

Took Zachary to church again this morning. It was an all-age worship service so I decided to stay in with him, even thought I think there was creche available if needed.

Half-way through the second hymn, he started doing his 'I'm getting uncomfortable here and might start crying' dance in the pushchair so I got him out for a good look around. He joyfully joined in with the 'name that saint' session which came next and proceeded to make lots of noise in the whole nappy area!

Fearful of a lake of poo incident and knowing that I only had a change of vest in the bag (so no room for error with the trousers) I hurried out only to find we don't have baby change facilities in the toilets! The steward scurried me into one of the side rooms where I changed Zachary.

It was more bark than bite if you get my drift, which was very fortunate when I discovered I had NO baby wipes in the change bag. Bugger. Again luckily there was a sink and a handy roll of kitchen roll in the room which were quickly put to good use.

I returned to the service, but he started getting fidgety again and we came out about 2/3 of the way through and listened to the rest of the service in the building's entrance where I could walk him up and down. After the service I had to go back in to speak to someone about the christening and THEN he falls asleep! Cutie pie!

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