Friday, June 20, 2008

Mahna Mahna

L has a little song and dance he does with Z which goes to the Mahna Mahna tune (you was on the Muppets...still don't know? Well, you'll be enlightened further on) but replacing Mahna Mahna with 'Ello 'Ello. It works a treat with Z!

So, when I came across a YouTube clip of the song (which most certainly was not in any way featured in a Geeklist on Board Game Geek. No. Not in any way) I forwarded it to him for a giggle. L explored some of the other selections which were shown on the screen as well and I now present a little catalogue of Mahna Mahna. Hurrah I hear you shout.

First we have the Muppets -

Halo 3 -

World of Warcraft -

And finally Hilary and Obama (a response to the Hilary and Obama version of 'Umbrella'...) -

There are plenty more to feast on as well!

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