Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Banana Chip Cookies

Yum! Made these this morning using this recipe.

Pretty easy to follow - the worst part was beating the butter until soft and fluffy - fortunately I used the electric whisk which helped, although had to stop several times to scrape butter from the beaters! I used all the cup measurements as we've got a set, except for the butter. Found some conversion info on the web (which I now can't find again for the link!) and used 100g butter for 1/2 cup which seemed to work out fine. And I did use wheatgerm which I found in good ol' Morrisons.

I've frozen half the mixture as suggested because...well basically the 12 or so I did make won't see the morning in all likelihood and freezing half will stop us stuffing the full 24!!!

Interested by the suggestion of replacing butter with coconut oil. We're now using coconut oil on Z's head as a cradle cap treatment (which is working brilliantly) so have an abundant supply at home...not brave enough to try that this time but sounds intriguing...

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