Thursday, June 12, 2008

14 weeks on

We seem to be surviving the introduction of a third person to our household and 14 weeks has gone so quickly! I don't think we've done too badly so far - not too many injuries to the lad to report although I think the bruise which appeared on his leg came from me not being careful enough when lifting him out of the cot and L has had a 'clippers incident' when trying to trim the talons! I would also point out that I have stopped dropping food on him while I'm feeding him...

Fingers crossed, his day feeds are now at about 3 hour intervals - this seems reasonable to me, although the pattern seems easily upset and with the hot weather coming ( theory!) feeds are likely to increase as my milk provides Zachary with his drink as well as his food. So if he's hot, he wants to drink more - just like us. The nights aren't too bad although he's not going all through yet. Mind you, I think those lucky mums who have babies who do go through the night are the exception rather than the rule (at least that's what I'm telling myself!) - also on talking to some mums whose babies go through - they're putting them to bed at 11/midnight and the babies go through to 4 or 5. We're putting Zachary to bed at 7, so it seems unlikely he'd go right to that time. Saying that though we have had a few magic nights when he's gone until about 3 in the morning before needing the next feed. Sadly I can't identify what was different about those days or nights to recreate this on a regular basis!

We've also had a few strange nights with Zachary not seeming to want to go in his cot. The moses basket was sacked a few weeks ago as it was getting too small and the first few nights in the new cot seemed to go well. This week we had a couple of nights where Zachary would feed next to me, settle but then cry as soon as he was put in the cot. Still a bit of a mystery as to the cause, but last night and the night before seemed to be back to normal. Mind you, in this house, that's a bit like using the 'q' word at work!

Zachary's new trick now is batting the toys dangling from his playmat and grabbing at them as well. He's getting good at this now and it's really great watching his progress. It gets fun when what he's grabbing is handfuls of my hair, or the inside of he vest I'm trying to dress him in! About 90% of the stuff he grabs and can move around ends up in his mouth...great if he sicks up on them as well. He's also found his hands properly now and quite often sucks on his fists for comfort. Very noisily. On the noisy side of things Zachary's found his voice now and is a very loud chatter! It's fascinating (no, really) watching him explore the different sounds he can make with his mouth and there's a cute little dimple developing.

And the old cliche about babies having more of a social life than their parents is so true! Nought til they Walk on Mondays, infant massage on Thursdays and now swimming classes starting tomorrow. It's giving me a good excuse to get out and walking as much as I can though, which is great and hopefully with the breastfeeding is more than making up for all the crap I'm eating - I'm tempted to try the 'Walk a Marathon in 30 days' challenge on which was by a friend. Have to investigate further.

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