Monday, July 10, 2006

Treasures of the loft (2)

Well, not content with sorting out our own loft back in February, I've now had a go at my mother's! It's been something which has been in the offing for many years now, and I have been pestering her for absolutely ages about sorting everything out. Basically, we moved into the house in about 1986, stuff went into the loft from the old house which we didn't use any more and then noone's been up there since, except to put up a couple of computer boxes. There's certainly no way Mum would ever go up there and she's always been particularly cautious about anyone else going up due to an unfortunate "falling through a ceiling" episode she had when she was younger together with there being no boards, just the joists to stand on!

But, she's finally decided it needs to be emptied - she might be selling up next year and it'd need to be done anyway so we managed to get up at the weekend (despite Mum being completely stressed out by everything when we arrived).

So, it was dusty and dirty and we have thrown a lot away, but particular highlights from our childhoods include Playschool Pick-a-Pair, Mr Men Marble Race, the Sindy house (tiny, tiny chocolate cake) and bags of school work from when me and my sister were about 11/12. I was such an awful artist!! But I did find a poem I wrote about my friend Jane which was ace!

Rounded off the day with a strawberry tea at church - and some interesting cabaret... I wasn't going to help out in the kitchen, but it was so easy to slip back into that role - I just took a plate in, the ordered mum out to go and eat her strawberries while I took over drying up, then somehow found myself taking to pot round for a second cuppa! Oh, those were the days, and I still maintain that men just have not got the knack of washing up after a church tea/coffee morning - far too slow!!!

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