Friday, July 21, 2006

Brussels here we come!

I've cancelled the veg box and the milk, rung the bathroom man (although am not particularly expecting him to call me back - although we do need to do something about the bathroom living in our spare room!), and got the Euros - Brussels here we come!

Very excited about having a weekend away, not least because have had a tiring and frankly frustrating week trying to get work done in between thinking about what I'm going to need to do to transport my room from Watton to Bury...

But had a quite tedious 40 minutes in the Post Office today trying to pick up the currency - here's a tip for you - always use cash at the Post Office. I had originally ordered the Euros using the PO online service, set the amount, they told me the exchange rate and I booked to collect them from Thetford. Thought this would make things nice and safe - no danger of them running out because mine would already be pre-booked. But no. Got to the B de C at Thetford PO only to be told they don't bother with the order forms and just gave me the exchange rate today (which turned out to be better!). I asked what the point of ordering online was then - they said none!

Then sadly, my card turned out to be the 20th transaction. It appears there's some kind of policy where every 20 transactions, the staff have to run through an authorisation procedure with the bank. Okay fine, until they asked me for my expiry date - which is on the card, still in the machine, cleverly hidden from view by the machine and I wasn't allowed to take the card out. so I guessed. It was wrong. Spent the next 25 minutes waiting for them to sort it out with the bank - I had to use a different card in the end and now have to ring my bank to make sure they will now authorise any future transactions because of some weird way the PO tried to cancel the transaction!!!!

Is it me?


Niles said...

Oh dear!

I have to say, normally when I'm heading abroad these days, I just pick up currency at a cash machine in the airport and don't bother ordering it in advance. You get a pretty good rate of exchange and very low commission.

BUT, in the case of Brussells, I can remember traipsing miles across the city to find a machine. There aren't very many of them, and for some reason known only to Belgians, most of them don't work for foreigners. Mad!

Niles said...

PS have a good hol!

Moblog your cameraphone pics!