Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I wonder if it's true...

Found some old emails from a friend today that BT Yahoo had helpfully tidied into my Bulk folder which for some reason I don't seem to be able to access from Outlook. So found it today on one of my infrequent checking of home email at work (and I sit right in front of our HR department desks!!) - it was an email of "interesting" facts - apparently if all the Lego in the world was divided up, we'd get about 30 pieces each. Do you think that includes Technik Lego - had a great time with that at school, but there were only about 2 of the battery power thingys to go round a class of 30. Not enough!!

Also, at the office I was working in today, we appear to have 2 air-conditioned rooms for meeting clients and the rest of the building is unair-conditioned (although the toilets are strangely cool..) thinking of ways to try and get my desk moved either to one of those rooms - or somehow managing to have day long client meetings - or to the toilet...hmmm, not sure that would work somehow!

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