Friday, July 07, 2006

It's time

I really ought to start blogging again - didn't feel like it for a while but that's all passing now. Can't believe how hot it is at the moment, I seem to be permanently sweaty! Also, had a horrendous overslept by an hour morning yesterday! Leigh shook me awake at half past 7!!! The time I usually leave! Fortunately because I seem to be able to have super-quick showers still got to work for nine. Now is this telling me I get up too early every other morning??

Also, big changes afoot at work. They're closing down the office I work in, which isn't too bad for me because I now get to move to another office where my work commute is cut in half, but bad and sad for several members of staff who can't/don't want to increase their own commute. Most people at my office live in the same town (as the office) so it's generally a 2/5 minute drive to work. Now it would be more like half hour/40 minutes. So morale hasn't been particularly good and add to that new work seems to suddenly be multiplying and we were 3 secretaries short yesterday and today. Time for me to brush up on my typing skills!

And I have to interview for a secretary! This is a bit scary - I've only ever been on the other side of the interviewing desk before! But I was speaking to someone about it today and they reckoned HR helped them out with some questions for an interview so I'm hoping they'll take pity on me as this space.

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