Monday, July 25, 2005

What a weekend! It's been pretty much non-stop since Friday, but today's been much calmer. It was hubby's birthday yesterday so we had his mum and nan over to stay Friday night. Took the day off work so I could finish off the bits and pieces of cleaning in the house (yes, which did need doing!) and went to buy up Tesco's supply of lovely soft white rolls - yummy!

We then went off to buy a tent! This is unprecedented for us - decided to buy a tent last weekend and this weekend we did! Before we usually dither a bit and then can't decide on anything, but due to Leigh's complete focus on all things camp (!) over the last week, we went, we saw, we purchased! (here is where we went - BasecampUk) And, being the very organised individuals we are, even went to the park yesterday to have a trial run putting it up! Now, bendy poles may be quite useful for having lovely domey tents, but they're a right bugger to put up and the whole edifice came crashing down a couple of times.

However...after much perseverance it was up and looking fine - hopefully it will be much simpler next time and we'll have a mallet with which to bang the pegs in!!! Trying to push them into the hard arid ground of Ipswich without a mallet is something not to be attempted!!

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Kat said...


I'm pants! Forgot Leigh's birthday.....actually I forget everyones's...even mine! Say Happy Birthday and I hope he got the book he wnated! Thanks for the nice write up, it was lovely seeing you both again.