Saturday, July 16, 2005

Journey's End

My journey to work is about an hour each way and it's through lovely north Suffolk and south Norfolk. Now, I am not very good at driving the same journey every day and occasionally get a bit bored with the standard route...consequently over my 4 years (nearly) doing this journey I've begun to experiement with alternative routes depending what kind of mood I'm in and what sort of traffic is about. Some of these routes are good and a bit quicker, others definitely not.

So, take today for example - got to Bury and it was absolutely baking. There have been roadworks going on just up from the first Bury turnoff for over a year now and one lane on my side of the A14 was blocked off - meaning there were queues of traffic basically going nowhere not very quickly. I get to the A134 turnoff which has Sudbury signposted - 17 miles. I think to myself, 'I've been to Sudbury before to see a client - it didn't seem to take long to get to Ipswich from there' forgetting of course that I actually need to get to Sudbury first...

I start off, then take a detour through Lavenham - again with the thought 'we went there the other weekend and it didn't seem too far' - oh how the journey length differs depending on if you're a passenger or driver! Went through Lavenham, and Hadleigh and lots of other little villages - took me about twice as long to get home as it would have done had I stayed on the A14!! That'll teach me! But saying that, the journey through the countryside was lovely - one plac in particualr about 3 miles out of Hadleigh, you make a right turn at the top of a hill and can see the countryside laid out in front of you - really very pretty.

For getting home though - never again...

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