Sunday, July 10, 2005


Isn't it bizarre how some things happen. Yesterday evening we'd been watching Family Guy on DvD and when it finished turned on the Channel 4 news to wait for Scrubs. Now we wouldn't usually watch the news then, but almost the first thing we saw was the Queen visting survivors in hospital, the first chap looking and sounding very like our dance teacher! A bit of internet searching later and yes it had been! We don't usually get a local paper so wouldn't have seen it there, so it's just random chance (?) that we happened to switch on the news at the very moment he was on, otherwise we migt have turned up at dancing this week with no idea.

He's fine fortunately - just some minor injuries, but it sounds as though he was actually in one of the trains which exploded - you just can't imagine it.

Been fruit picking again today and got covered in midges - itchy little blighters! Leigh appears to have got the gardening bug back now and he's at B&Q at the moment stocking up on bits and pieces - we bought some plants earlier and I think a gardening morning is in store tomorrow. And we went to an excellent (if slightly expensive) food shop this morning - yummy steak for dinner!!!

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