Friday, July 08, 2005


Well, I don't think there's much I can really say about today exceot how sad it all is - particuarly after the jubilation yesterday of getting the Olympics in 2012. I was at a conference in Brmingham when I heard - a lot of the delegates had come by train up from the home counties and London and lifts homw had to be found. It was amazing the way people pull together at a time like this and I think nearly everyone was able to be got home.

I had come by car fortunately - the train journey would have taken me across London, but fortunately because it would have taken twice as long by train as by car I drove. and, not being quite sure where I was going, watched my exit sail past the first time I got there - then spent 20 minutes getting turned round. So my nice early 8.40 arrival became a panicked 9.23 arrival for the 9.25 start!!

Also had a nice moment in one of the workshops - the presenter told us there was a "c" word which was very important in this particular area - tried to get us to guess it. He wrote "c" on the flipchart, then the last letter "t." I don't know whether I'm amused or ashamed that there was a significant amount of sniggering coming from the room of lawyers... (by the way, the word was "conduct!")

We have some friends in London and fortunately they were fine, albeit stranded. It's so strange when something like this happens so close to home - really makes you stop and think that its not just something which happens in countries far away - this really can touch anyone.

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