Sunday, July 17, 2005


What a fantastic day yesterday was. Met Chris and Emma in Cambridge for some lunch (they are trying out a new caravan for the first time) and had the chance to see fudge (very expensice fudge!) being made, the wonderful buildings in Cambridge and have a laugh at the poor soles trying to put themselves along the river. All very well when there are no other punts on the water... but negotiating other punts seems to be the hardest part! Very torn between thinking how much fun it looked and how easy it would be to fall in!

We then went to see the caravan and talked ourselves into finally buying a tent to go camping in and ended up at a BBQ at the house of the boyfriend of one of my friends from school. That was a great evening - good chance to catch up on gossip and Leigh found a kindred spirit in the cookery book department - although i think he's got a bit of catching up to do before he reaches her 300 books!!! And best of all - managed to have a sunny day without getting sunburnt - hurrah!

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