Friday, July 01, 2011

Toilet Tales

Now that Zachary is au fait with the whole toilet-using thing, I thought I might share some of our recent experiences.

The first thing to say is that if there is ever going to be an awkward time to be needing the toilet, Zachary will undoubtedly need it, and not be able to hold on. On the hard shoulder of the motorway in teeming rain (thank you Leigh for sorting that one out). At the supermarket when you've just reached the point in the store which is furthest from the toilets. Or in a cafe, just as you've all sat down, removed coats, got Leo in a highchair teas have arrived - this usually necessitates removing Leo from highchair, asking waitress to watch the table and not clear it, gathering valuable belongings and making a dash for the loo!

I also have fun choosing whether to try the cubicles or a disabled loo. Now the cubicles have the advantage that I'm not blocking the disabled loo, but if Leo is out of the pushchair, they're a bit tight on space for all 3 of us. Often what happens is that as I turn to help Zachary, Leo runs amok in the rest of the toilets. Today, I caught him running past our cubicle holding a toilet roll which looked suspiciously soaked through. We left hurriedly!

Cubicles are fine if I'm on my own with Zachary, but are a fairly public arena for those times when he asks "what are you going to do Mummy? A wee or a poo?" My changing to subject skills are being rapidly and finely honed.

The disabled loos are usually bigger and better if we're all three, and if I need the loo as well. Unfortunately, Leo is now tall enough to reach most locks and handles on the disabled toilet doors. Which are unreachable when you're sitting on the toilet. Today as I sat, Leo unlocked the door. I asked Zachary to lock it again - Zachary looked on and laughed! After a bit of shouting he did eventually re-lock the door, and then it was a battle of wills between the 2 of them who would win. Fortunately Zachary won! This time.

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