Sunday, July 17, 2011

A few thoughts on the weekend

Saturday afternoon - packed the boys off to Nanny and Grumps for the afternoon, evening and night. Woohoo! I practised my DIY skills by putting the blackout blind in the boys' room back up - well, I was forced to! Leigh said that as I knocked it down, I had to put it up... But he did help me with the drilling, which was much appreciated. Blind still up.

We went out for a meal to the lovely Restaurant Sat Bains in the evening - extravagant, but oh so good. Even caught a glimpse of the man himself in the kitchens as we were leaving. The best part about the evening - actually having time to spend time getting ready, rather than my usual last minute check in the mirror to make sure that none of my hair is sticking up in a strange direction. I even painted my nails, which I haven't done for ages. Not a particularly bright or noticeable shade, but somehow just having painted nails makes me feel a bit different. Like a bit better version of myself who's actually made an effort with her appearance!!

Sunday morning saw the double treat of a lie-in AND breakfast in bed. Yum. We picked up the boys and took them to the shopping centre for a bit. They got a bit overexcited in Lakeland, and a rather desperate shop assistant tried to pacify them with stickers - which read 'Buy 1 get 1 free!'

Kung Foo Panda is great. The fight animation is simply amazing.

Finally an Odd One Out competition - here are the last 4 eggs laid by the chickens...

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Kathryn said...

Okay, should be 'Kung Fu Panda...'