Friday, June 26, 2009

This week

Has been generally good but with little pockets of nightmare thrown in to keep us on our toes! Monday saw Zachary refusing to go in the trolley seat at Asda...cue lots of crying and starting to scream. Nearly gave up and went home, but it was the main weekly shop so we had a drink in the cafe and when he had calmed down, tried again and thankfully managed to get round without further incident. Sadly this day also saw another failure of my pledge to not be a mum who opens food she's buying before reaching the checkout in order to give it to her child. Yes...well...that kind of thinking's all very well until you have a screaming toddler in the trolley and are starting to get stares from other shoppers. You will do anything to keep them quiet!!!

Had a weird swimming session again on Tuesday - up till the last couple of weeks, Z has been fine at swimming, no fussing, no crying (not much effort on the kicking either!!!) and generally very happy. Last week he cried through the first half and this week he refused to do anything involving being on his back. I think part of the problem was him spotting the toys as soon as we got in (they usually only come out towards the end of the lesson) and throwing a mard because I wouldn't let him have any. Ho hum.

Wednesday saw 3 bouts of vomiting before 9am. Lovely start to the day. He seemed absolutely fine after that for the rest of the day - no temperature or anything so we reckon it must have been something he ingested rather than a virus. Once it cleared his system he was fine. Oh yes apart from the screaming tantrum just before dinner.

Thursday Z wouldn't eat dinner. But still slept through the night so perhaps he just wasn't hungry.

Today has been lovely (apart from the 5.30am wake-up call) and tomorrow we're off to East Anglia to see my family so am looking forward to that. Hopefully a new week will see us right!

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