Friday, June 26, 2009


I have a confession to make. I have done something which is wrong and dirty and my entire being resisted it. But I was weak and gave into peer pressure. I have bought a pair of Itsarap trousers from the Ideal World shopping channel. I am shamed.

Let me explain. I am finding that my pregnancy bump is coming along a lot quicker second time around and the maternity clothes have now made an appearance. However last time I was pregnant, I didn't really start getting a bump until October and then gave birth in March. It's June and I need bigger waisted trousers, but apart from one pair of combats, my trouser wear is jeans. (I do have two pairs of sweat pants, but they are for inside days only!).

The weather is too hot for jeans. Especially if you are doing a lot of walking around pushing a buggy. Sweaty gusset is all I'm saying. So I have been on the lookout for some maternity shorts. These do not appear to exist. I have been to Asda and Tesco, neither of which stock any maternity clothes, New Look, Dorothy Perkins and Next, none of which seem to have any shorts. Apparently pregnant women wish to wear denim mini skirts and black leggings with lovely gold zips in the summer, but not shorts.

So I've tried the internet, and my usual shopping places have also been disappointing. I'm looking for light material (ie NOT denim) in a crop trouser sort of length, but am finding very few pairs of these - everything is above the knee (my knees are not pleasant) or made of denim. Bah.

That's the background. Yesterday I found myself strangely drawn to the Itsarap trousers on Ideal World which we saw a bit of at tea time. They looked loose, flowing, easy to manage and apparently fit every size from 6/8 right up to the 20's. The thing which got me though was that they showed a clip of a pregnant woman wearing them proclaiming how light, and comfy and cool they are.

I resisted, I really did. The idea of buying from a shopping channel just seemed wrong somehow - I didn't want to just become one of their statistics! They're called Itsarap. The demonstrators were nearly all middle-aged women. Most of the patterns were hideous. But L persuaded away and I finally cracked today and bought a pair online. I will post a photo.

Forgive me.


Niles said...


100% polyester?

Leigh said...

Georgette actually (although probably a polyester version and not the silk one!)