Monday, June 01, 2009

The most helpful baby in the world??

Zachary has developed somewhat of a penchant for putting things into other things...okay, not very descriptive I know! Generally he likes putting stuff into bins (my toiletries mainly), the toilet (his bedtime t-shirt...), the bath (toilet wipes...clothes) get the idea.

Here's a few notable highlights from the last week or so...

We had some friends over for a BBQ last weekend in the glorious weather and had a bit of a sit down inside in the afternoon as it was so hot. Zachary was pottering in the kitchen when it all went quiet. Upon further investigation I discovered he had been helpfully putting things into the kitchen bin for me - 1 pair of guest's shoes, L's crocs, my crocs, Z's own shoes, the dustpan and brush and in a fit of optimism, the large kitchen broom. I haven't laughed so hard for a long time!

On a similar vein I was washing up the other night, Z happily playing in the kitchen drawers when I suddenly spotted him dumping every coaster we own into the bin! He could get them in faster than I could get them out. Needless to say, the bin has now been turned to the wall, to hopefully prevent similar events in the future.

Finally, we spent a night at my sister's this weekend before going on for a few days at Center Parcs. Z usually has a good time exploring in new places. I spent most of the time at Center Parcs convinced I had put 2 packets of Kettle Chips into the packing, but only being able to find 1. I finally thought I'd just imagined the whole thing, when I received the following text from my sister on her arrival home after the break

"Just found a bag of Kettle Chips in the washing machine!"

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