Thursday, June 18, 2009

Interesting week

Okay so this week I've had a day which started well and ended up poo, a good day, and a day which started poo and ended up good.

Tuesday started well - had a good morning in town with Zachary who finally seems to be on the mend after 2 weeks of tummy upset and cold. Put him to bed for a snooze but...and here I think I made my fatal mistake...had to wake him up before he was ready so that we could have lunch in time for swimming. Lunch time was a complete disaster - we tried Zachary on sandwiches which he totally rejected and started throwing them around. We thought we'd be strong and not resort to cereal or toast (our fall-backs during illness) so we went swimming with basically no lunch. He cried through the first half of the lesson, then managed to cheer up a bit towards the end. Dinnertime was also a nightmare and he went to bed bawling. Oh dear.

Wednesday was much better though - went into town and got another puncture in my buggy wheel. Leigh'd already tried to fix it twice but I think the inner tube had just given up. Fortunately a kind man at the cycle shop changed the tyre for me and I was ready to go again. Then went to drop off an old game at the charity shop and managed to pick up a copy of Cluedo Super Challenge for 2 quid. Can't go wrong! Rest of the day was great and we went to see the live War of the Worlds in Nottingham in the evening - fantastic! (although Richard Burton's head was slightly disturbing!)

This morning started crap - Zachary was up at 10 to 6 (which sadly seems to be getting a bit of a habit since his last bug), which wasn't too bad until I realised that I'd lost Leigh's wallet last night. I'd been given it in the car to deal with the car park ticket and then it must have dropped off my lap into the road when I got out of the car at home. It wasn't in the car or on the road. Big shit.

Fortunately and quite amazingly our opposite neighbour turned up at about half eight with the wallet! Bizarrely, he'd found it under a tree in his garden - we think a fox must have picked it up (hence the teeth marks) and dropped it on its travels. Thank goodness for honest Long Eatoners. A bottle of homemade elderflower cordial will be making its way over there tomorrow.

The rest of the day has been great too - met a new friend for lunch who also has a 15 month old son, is due to have her second baby on 13th November (I'm due on the 16th) and moved to Long Eaton 6 months ago too. It turns out she runs toddler music classes which is fab because I've been looking for some. Hooray for new friends!

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