Tuesday, October 07, 2008

House History

We've been receiving a bit of post for previous occupants of this house - the Wands (people we bought from) obviously, but also for a Mr Wilcockson and this morning a Mrs Morley-Ramage. Nice. I'd be interested to try and find out who's owned/lived in this house since it was built - I really enjoyed Julie Myerson's book "Home" which explored the history of her house.

It would take a bit of work if I really wanted to do this and it might be a good project for when Zachary's a bit older and he can help me (ha ha!). I thought I'd have a quick troll through the Land Registry website and the 1901 census to see if I could find any immediate information there. Nothing from HMLR (which to be honest I was expecting) and nothing found on the census either. I seem to vaguely recall from the conveyancing that this house was built around 1910 so there may be nothing to find on that census anyway. I then tried to look up the 1911 census and discovered it's still being digitised. I have signed up for updates.

All the other websites I came across connected to this type of thing were offering services rather than information. If I do anything I'd rather have a go myself. That reminds me, must chase the solicitors for confirmation of the HMLR change confirming us as owners...

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