Saturday, October 04, 2008

Ever so slightly disappointing

Headed off into Nottingham today for some shopping - I wanted to try out the bus route and wanted to go back to John Lewis to look for a winter coat for Z. Bus journey was fine, if long, and Z had a great time playing with the sticker on the window and marvelling at all the other passengers. That said, I don't think I'll be using the bus again until Z is happy to sit in a seat on his own as he would not sit still for much of the journey!

We'd also decided to be brave and try and feed Z out and about with a 'proper' lunch (as opposed to just milk). This is something we've not really tried yet and have timed other expeditions to either be home by his lunch time (12) or going into town afterwards. Usually, it's a bit of a hassle managing the time so we've not really done the 'pop into town for lunch' thing for a while.

I tried feeding Z in Norwich Debenhams weeks ago and was pleased to find they have a kind of baby station in their restaurants with a microwave, kitchen towel and sink, which makes things lovely and easy. We thought we'd tried John Lewis today but were really quite disappointed. Yes they have lovely highchairs, but they refused to heat up my homemade baby food ("health and safety or something") and said they could only heat up food they sell, pointing to a range of jars behind them. There was no station where we could sort out the food ourselves. So we didn't eat there and hurried home instead.

Disappointed because while I know jars are convenient etc etc, we have made a conscious decision to try and make Z's food ourselves in an effort to hopefully make things easier when he starts eating the same meals as us, and to be honest, think our meals are possibly more tasty? Having taken our own food to the store (lovely beef stew), we didn't really want to then buy something else and don't know whether he'd eat it or not.

So we won't be going there again for food just yet and it's putting us off trying other places for lunch. I feel a letter coming on (oh dear, I'm so turning into my mother!).

Despite this, it's a really good thing that John Lewis isn't in Long Eaton - I would be in there every day...bought a sewing machine today...whooops!

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